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Middle Grade Spotlight! An Interview with Mariam

Mariam, an 8-year-old reader from Texas, describes herself as " kind of a goofball." Reading makes her feel "joy and laughter!" On a more serious note, though, she has important insights on the lack of prayer and worship in middle grade stories. And this delightful girl dreams of becoming the president one day, so we should definitely be listening to her! She's sure to change the world. Enjoy the interview with President Mariam below!

Mariam, 8 and a 1/2, from Houston, Texas

What are your three favorite books and why?

What do you like about reading?

It makes me feel joy and laughter. It also makes me feel inspired!

Is there a book out there that you think is seriously underrated? Tell us about it!

Yes, Glorkian Warriors. I think that this series is really cool and funny, but I don’t know anybody else who reads it. More kids should get their hands on it right now!

Where is your favorite place to read? Can you describe it for us?

Well, sometimes I like to sit on my beanbag chair, which is like a giant cushion. But my favorite place to read is a tent in my room, which is full of stuffed animals. It’s such a cool place that sometimes my brother sneaks in there, too!

Which character in a book you’ve read is the most like you and why?

A.J. from My Weird School is like me. We’re both funny and we both make a LOT of mistakes.

Is there any aspect of being a kid that you think authors don’t write about enough?

Authors don’t write about kids praying or going to a worship place. It’s a big part of me and my friends’ lives so I really don’t know why there’s no stories about it.

If you could be best friends with any character from any book, who would it be and why?

I’d like to be BEST FRIENDS with the Princess in Black because she has a very exciting life so if we were BEST FRIENDS she might kind of share it with me!

If you’ve started a book, but you don’t like it, do you force yourself to finish it, or do you stop reading? How long does it usually take for you to stop?

Most of the time I leave it (unless my mom forces me to finish it). I always stop RIGHT away, so I can start a new book.

If you, as a reader, could give advice to authors of kids’ books, what would it be?

MAKE IT FUNNY! I’m kind of a goofball myself.

And lastly, what is something you dream of doing one day (from becoming a dog owner to running for President, nothing is too big or too small for this answer!)?

I want to change the world and be the president of the United States of America!

If you're a middle grade reader interested in being interviewed, please visit my contact page. :)

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