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Interactive Class Visits, Q&As, and Writing Workshops 


In my interactive class visits, I discuss the path that led me to writing. From there, we discuss why writing is for everyone, and how we all have a story to tell. We end the visit with a Q&A! 

Alternately, I love a robust Q&A and am happy to spend an entire 45 minutes+ answering questions and interacting with students' curiosity about writing and author life.


In my writing workshops, I offer various combinations of the following, depending on the age group of the students:

1) A short story game that will get kids excited about the endless options in plot and character.

2) A discussion of what "writing what you know" really means.

3) A poetry exercise that will get kids out of their heads.


4) A list of journals that accept student writing, and a detailed explanation of how to submit one's creative work to such venues.


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