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Middle Grade Reader Spotlight! An Interview with Claire

Claire, a ten-year-old reader from Brooklyn, has a wide variety of reading tastes. Her favorite books range in style from A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett to the Amulet series by Kazu Kibuishi. No matter the genre, Claire loves how a good book can "take you to places you've never been before" and she likes characters with an adventurous spirit and kind heart. Beyond her appreciation for reading, Claire has a deep respect for nature and a dream of one day stopping rainforest deforestation. Check out my interview with this inspiring girl!

Claire, 10, Brooklyn

What are your three favorite books and why?

My favorite books in the world are Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine, A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett, and the Amulet series by Kazu Kibuishi. I love Ella Enchanted because the main character Ella is adventurous and she’s determined to break her curse. She seems like a girl I would want to have as a friend. The reason I love A Little Princess is because I love the personality of Sara, the main character. And, last but not least, the reason why I love the Amulet series is because it hooks the reader at the end of the book, and it really makes you want to read the next book.

What do you like about reading?

What I like about reading is that you can do it anywhere and anytime, and reading can take you to places that you’ve never been to before. Reading can also help introduce you to new words.

Is there a book out there that you think is seriously underrated? Tell us about it!

I have none.

Where is your favorite place to read? Can you describe it for us?

My favorite place to read is either my parents’ bed or on the rug in my living room. I like these places because they're big, comfy, and you could sleep whenever you want.

Which character in a book you’ve read is the most like you and why?

The character that’s the most like me is Sara from A Little Princess. I think we’re alike because we both love reading, we respect animals, and we care about others.

Is there any aspect of being a kid that you think authors don’t write about enough?

In my case, I don’t think that authors left anything out.

If you could be best friends with any character from any book, who would it be and why?

I would like to be friends with Sara from A Little Princess. I would be friends with her because I could see Buckingham Palace and everywhere else (in London, of course) together.

If you’ve started a book, but you don’t like it, do you force yourself to finish it, or do you stop reading? How long does it usually take for you to stop?

I read. Then, when it comes to a part that gets boring, I stop.

If you, as a reader, could give advice to authors of kids’ books, what would it be?

I like all the books, but I feel like there is something that I think should improve, but I don’t know what the thing that I think authors should improve on is.

And lastly, what is something you dream of doing one day (from becoming a dog owner to running for President, nothing is too big or too small for this answer!)?

I would love to stop global warming so that it can help animals who are getting extinct because of global warming. I want to be an artist, too. I want to draw all kinds of books, from non-fiction books to graphic novels. I also want to stop Rainforest Deforestation.

If you're a middle grade reader interested in being interviewed, please visit my contact page. :)

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