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Just Some Art

Much of Worth a Thousand Words considers the healing effects of art on the psyche. And as #inktober has taken over my Instagram page (to my delight), I've found myself looking back on old art work of my own and experimenting with new forms when the rare moment of non-writing/non-toddlering arises. Below are a few of my favorites over the years. They bring me back to times of physical pain, emotional challenges, and moment of revery.

I need to paint more. Draw more. It could do nothing but inform my writing with texture and spirit, even if each amateur piece wastes away in folders stuffed in drawers. In some ways, that's the best kind of art - a practice with no pressure, a playful experiment on an unassuming page.


Billie in Charcoal

Boy on the train


Purple woman

Teenage girl with warm eyes

Sly lady

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